Penniless Tim

December 4, 2011

Christmas 2011

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Dear Family, friends, neighbors, and all who believe everything they read on the internet,

It’s been a very quiet year for the Scotts, unless you count quitting your job, selling the family house, moving to North Carolina, and starting a new career as something out of the ordinary. Selling the house was a piece of cake (739 showings with 1 lowball offer three times over) and the new job gave Tim more jitters than his first date with Michelle (but he couldn’t bring his friend along with him this time). The house miraculously sold (prayers answered), Tim’s jittery scale is down to ‘Michelle 3rd date’, and the Scott’s now live in Mayberry with a touch of granola (not a single stop light, five lakes, and a country ice cream, movie rental, fishing bait, and Thursday night wine tasting store).

Gavin’s, Luke’s, Laurel’s, Sophia’s, and Amelia’s Mom (aka Michelle in a previous life) has adjusted nicely into small town life despite the daily 5:07 PM major traffic jam (Aunt Bea pulling out of her driveway). When not busy watching kids, cleaning house, reviewing homework, making dinner, cleaning the garage, walking the dog, changing diapers, or washing clothes, Michelle likes to do something (she just can’t remember what because it’s been so long).

The kid’s Dad (aka Tim in a previous life) still struggles with his verticality – the kids are catching him and Michelle refuses to slump. Luckily, he’s very tall for his height and actually reached the salt shaker on the highest shelf (looking fabulous in Michelle’s leather high heels). In his free time, Tim likes to do whatever Michelle is doing in her free time.

Our eldest, Gavin, devours both meat and books in his free time. During Thanksgiving, he gorged three turkey legs (a stool turkey) and ate the Chronicles of Narnia (fiber keeps him regular). For desert, he gobbled two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree. Note to readers – invest in meat (teenage years ahead).

Lego Luke has no idle time. Santa’s elves are hard pressed matching Luke’s productivity. Just last week, he built a mock Lego school bus and eight kids actually boarded (three were kicked off for throwing spit wads and all were late for school). Next week he’s working on a Lego time machine, but we already saw it last week.

Laurel is our mountain climber and adrenaline her middle name. With pony tails flying, she hit 80 driving Luke’s Lego bus (they were late for school). In cheerleading, she volunteered to be at the top of the pyramid (the coach and girls didn’t even know they were doing a pyramid). Amazingly, she always performs her acrobatics while giggling (Cirque Du Soleil shall not be calling).

Sophia is still, well, Violet (as she calls herself). She is the family’s leading scorer in vocabulary, singing, time outs, big kisses, mischief, and bathroom pit stops when travelling. Sophia knows where she wants to go and it’s usually where Mom and Dad don’t want her to go. Although only four, she’s a natural born leader and loves to practice her skill set on two year old Amelia.

Amelia oozes affection. A normal day includes multiple bear hugs for Mom, Dad, sisters, brothers, and Sister Lulu (beloved dog) and that’s just her breakfast routine. She really warms up for bed time! Although not yet three, La Li (as she calls herself) loves playing with her siblings. She reads with Gavin (nearly lost a hand); rides shotgun with Laurel (two speeding tickets); travels with Luke (no need to watch the upcoming super bowl). She is Christmas bundled with Easter wrapped in polka dot pajamas!

May God continue to bless us all!

The Scott Family


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