Penniless Tim

November 5, 2010

Vapid Vaporizer – not!

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Amelia has bravely battled a cold the last few days (as opposed to cowardly battled a cold). Each night, she’s decided to wake up around 12:30 AM or, to be more precise, exactly when Mom and Dad are just falling into a deep sleep. Amelia has a nasty little cough and I decided to save the day by climbing into the attic and retrieving the steam vaporizer.

Setting up the vaporizer as Michelle soothed (or attempted to) Amelia, I filled it with water and plugged her into the wall (vaporizer – not Michelle or Amelia). Laying on the floor, half asleep, I awaited the magical steam, but none came out of the darn thing. I could feel heat coming from the heating element, but no steam. Finally it hit me, put salt in the water. It would be easy to claim scientific brilliance (sleeping through five semesters of physics finally paying off), but I’d actually read the directions several years before in a moment of weakness.

Genius always rears it’s brilliant head when you are half awake at 1 AM. I grabbed a salt shaker downstairs, came back into the bedroom, and picked up the heating element out of the water (still plugged into the wall). Trying to determine if it was working, I turned it sideways. Suddenly, I was fully awoken when boiling hot water ran onto my leg. I felt like McDonalds had just served me coffee. Lucky for me, my trusty jeans saved the day and I only received a slight singe. I’m just happy I wasn’t trying to see if the motor was actually running – steam into the ear would be tough to explain and still look tough at the emergency room.

Speaking of staying up all night, here is neat little video: Stay Up Late


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